Getting more leads from your Squarespace website

Your Squarespace website might look great but is it delivering the leads your business needs to grow?

Features such as the newsletter and form blocks make it easy to turn your Squarespace website into an effective 'new business machine'.

It's a four step process.

  1. Create a 'lead magnet', this is something your audience will find useful such as a product comparison a check list or a guide. You can use online services such as Canva and a Animoto to produce a professional looking download or video.

    Here's an example of a very effective lead magnet.
  2. Use social media, blogging and digital advertising to attract an audience. You will find potential customers respond much more readily to an offer of free advice than to a traditional sales message.
  3. Capture the contact details of potential customers by offering additional information, such as a short course, or by using the Squarespace newsletter block to build a subscriber list.
  4. Keep in touch with your prospects using Squarespace's integration with Mail Chimp to send regular newsletters, promotional offers or an autoresponder series.

Communicating your potential customers in this way will build trust and product knowledge so that when we are ready to make a purchase your business will be their first choice.