Squarespace and Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the latest technology to promise a constant stream of new business opportunities without having to spend hours chasing leads. 

Marketing automation systems such as HubSpot and Infusionsoft can be easily integrated in Squarespace using the embed code module to add a data capture form.

However, these solutions are complex and extremely expensive and it is relatively easy to ’tip you toe’ in the world of marketing automation using Squarespace. 

In this article I’ll tell you how to set this up and also explain why starting small is often the best way to approach marketing automation.

Firstly what on earth is marketing automation?

The concept is simple. 

1. Provide useful information in return for a prospect’s contact details.

2. Keep in touch until the prospect is ready to purchase by providing additional useful information and attractive offers.

That’s it. Doesn’t sound too complicated does it.

This is how to do it using Squarespace.

1. Create a ‘Lead Magnet’ this can be any form of information, such as a guide, video or article, that a prospect will find useful.

2. Build a ‘Landing Page’ using a Squarespace cover page.

3. Add a form and use Squarespace’s native integration with Mail Chimp to collect the prospect’s email address and deliver a link to a download page containing your Lead Magnet.

Now it is time to ‘Nurture’ your prospect. Which basically means keeping in touch without being to pushy by sending additional information. 

Mail Chimp enables you to set up a series of follow up emails. These could be a short educational course, examples of your services or promotional offers.

Hopefully this simple automated system will help your prospective customers get to know you better, building trust and  ultimately leading to new business opportunities.

Starting small in this way is, in my opinion, much better than investing in a dauntingly complex and expensive solution. Once you see if marketing automation works for your business, then it is time to move to the next level.