Measurement and Analytics

Custom dashboards that enable real-time marketing analysis


Measurement and Analytics

Measure success with our unique marketing dashboard 

You need measurable results and our analytics and reporting package delivers real-time metrics for website traffic, search ranking, social media reach and digital advertising campaigns that you can access from any device.

You can monitor your marketing efforts down to individual campaigns.

  • How much traffic is being driven to your website by social media?
  • How many sales calls are you getting from your Google Adwords campaign?
  • How does your marketing spend translate into sales revenue?

Now you will know for sure.

Track campaign results from website and telephone enquiries

Our analytics and reporting package integrates with Google Analytics plus social and digital advertising platforms to track website enquires. Our call tracking package can even measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and off-line marketing campaigns.

Our marketing attribution platform allows you to track your social media , search marketing and email campaigns directly to revenue.