Crush it on social media in 15 minutes a day

I bet you know someone in your business community who seems to be all over social media.

They are posting to Facebook, contributing to LinkedIn groups.and appearing every ten minutes on Twitter.

To be honest it can be quite intimidating.

How do they find the time?

Are they seeing any real results for their efforts?

The reality is they are probably investing several hours a day writing, filming and sharing content..

They do this because their businesses are benefiting significantly from the publicity and trust they are generating.

How on earth do you compete with these people and how will you find the time?

Here's the secret.

If you let technology take the strain, you will only need to invest 15 minutes a day

It is a three-step process.

First, you need to have professional looking social media accounts.

Invest the time using an app like canva to design profile and cover images to match your brand

Secondly, let's automate.

Set up to automatically post content to your social media accounts at least once a day

Then look for popular content that is relevant to your audience using or

Now you will have great looking social media accounts with plenty of lively, shareable content.

By using you can add hashtags to your posts. Your content will be found by a much wider audience and your following will begin to grow.

As a final step in your automation set up 'evergreen content' to promote your business without appearing to be too pushy.

Now that everything is on autopilot but where do the 15 minutes a day come in?

Those 15 minutes are vital if you want to use social media to grow your business.

Take the time to personally thank everyone who has liked, shared or retweeted your content.

Answer every question, reply to every comment.

Take a quick look through your feeds and if you see something of interest add a quick comment.

Don't try and sell, Just contribute to the conversation.

It will only take a few minutes and the results will surprise you.

You'll make friends, build trust and grow your reputation.

In return people will tell their friends and you will become 'that person' who is all over social media

You will understand that the value of social media is not free advertising.

It is quite literally 'social'. A place to build relationships and enhance your reputation.

Ultimately social media will become a place to build your business.

Just like you do in real life.

One thank you at a time.